Industrial Development

Industrial Design

We help our clients design products and services based on overarching user-centred research. Our insights provide clear direction and help envision innovative solutions through our robust prototyping and MVP service to include the customers early on and refine the products or services of our clients. We enable our clients to seize opportunities and manage complexity by linking them with relevant technology providers. We devote our efforts and work closely with our clients to design and deliver the highest quality technology solutions.

Technology Development

Once we obtain the market response, we iterate to validate the product or service. We accelerate our efforts to implement the design, manage quality requirements and optimise the costs. Our in-house engineers are dedicated to delivering outstanding solutions that create new value streams for both our clients and their customers. We work closely with the suppliers to ensure seamless procurement as well as provide dedicated support in production lines and processes development. We devote our effort to ensuring standardised, robust and optimised manufacturing.

Market Development

We ensure that new technologies reach and successfully acquire the market. We prepare everything required for fruitful commercialisation, including marketing and sales plan, production operationalisation, and customer support. We ensure a smooth technology transfer that results in maximum value for our clients and end-users. We monitor the market regularly to gather customer feedback and further improve our clients’ offerings.

Towards the Factory of the Future

We support you in your journey towards the sustainable factory of the future.


We provide for you the Manufacturer Self-Assessment in the link below. Assess the current state of your business operations against defined transformation areas.

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Factory of the Future

We provide for you the short description of four necessary stages towards the factory of the future in the link below. We remain at your disposal.

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Sustainable Production

We provide for you the short description of four necessary stages towards the sustainable production in the link below. We remain at your disposal.

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We work with our clients throughout the whole product development cycle and enable them to realise innovative solutions with confidence.

Our approach balances the increased speed to market with the ability to deliver the right product at the right time and at the right price.

Operational Value Creation Guidelines

GND creates financial, market, and operational value for its Clients. GND is leading the field of operational value creation by capitalising on advanced technologies, innovative systems, and outstanding people.

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