Our Impact & Responsibility

Net Zero Commitment

We are committed to reducing negative impacts on the environment and society in the assets we manage and aim to become net-zero and taxonomy aligned during the investment lifetime. We are determined to engage within our decision-making processes, whenever appropriate, to support no/low-carbon investments and climate change mitigation and adaptation opportunities, as well as identify opportunities to avoid, minimise or reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our investments.

Sustainability Policy

Integrating ESG Principles

We are committed to conducting our business in a sustainable, responsible and transparent manner by setting ambitious objectives for a positive impact on the environment and society and henceforth, supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy and Paris agreement goals. We are keen to integrate ESG-related measures and consider emerging risks while adapting our strategy, risk management framework, investment decision making and deal structuring, and other activities.

Sustainability Policy

Regional Energy Security

The new European Commission energy security proposal emerged as the need for secure and sustainable energy supply surged. The proposal intends to repower the European Union and accelerate the European Green Deal. Repowering entails a significant increase in investment in renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydrogen. With the support of the European Commission, we are dedicated to aligning our business decisions with those that will expedite the sustainable transition and repower the European Union.

Sustainability Policy

GND’s Responsibility

Ethical & Professional Standards

We are committed to upholding high ethical and professional standards of business conduct and promoting strong corporate and risk culture. We conduct our operations in a way that respects and promotes the protection of human rights.

Industrial Guidance & Disclosure

In our business activities and operations, we support and consider the guidance provided by international organisations, including but not limited to United Nations, OECD, International Labour Organization, and ISO.

Transparency and Comparability

We ensure that our governance structure considers both environmental and social factors to facilitate the due assessment of all risks and opportunities, including climate-related and take appropriate decisions on how to manage, set and report on relevant goals and targets.

Key sustainability Performance Indicators

We aim to establish periodic reporting on Key sustainability Performance Indicators in our portfolio. The reporting scope and format will align with relevant disclosure regulatory requirements, as well be overseen and monitored by the relevant responsible function.

Sustainability Support for Enterprises

We are committed to providing sustainability support for Industrial Enterprises in developing climate adaptation measures and climate-resilient investment as well as managing risks caused by climate change.

Educational Commitment

We acknowledge our role to educate our investee companies to support the transformation to a green economy and aim to engage stakeholders we build business relationships with through proactive dialogue for finding a sustainable and balanced future together.

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