Sustainability Reporting

At GND, sustainability risks are reported regularly, annually at the least. Supporting the format, metrics and other specifications of the report, our professionals develop a sustainability report based on a portfolio level and aligned with TFCD, NFRD, and SFDR standards and regulations. Relevance, completeness, accuracy, consistency, and transparency are at the heart of our reporting standards, ensuring that:

• Management information is relevant to GND's decision-making.
• All operations within the portfolio are accounted for and reported.
• The reported data is of adequate accuracy and integrity.
• Consistent methodologies are used, which allows for meaningful comparisons.
• All relevant issues, assumptions, and references are addressed.

SFDR Disclosure Statement

Data Sources and Criteria of Environmental or Social Characteristics

GND considers environmental and social characteristics in selecting potential investments. We use several methods to collect information and nuances about the potential investments and investees:

Due Diligence

We use a questionnaire to identify sustainability risks and good practices and a tool to facilitate assessment regarding any significant issues and opportunities that require a more detailed technical evaluation or setting targets for improvements.

EU Taxonomy

A tool we use to gather and evaluate technical screening criteria for identifying environmentally sustainable investments based on six environmental conditions: climate mitigation, climate adaptation, water, pollution, circular economy, and ecosystems.

Data Collection

We gather data, including environmental data, and analyse it via a predefined template used for financial and non-financial assessment and scenario analysis, as well as further monitoring and reporting.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

The Code of business conduct and ethics is a statement of GND commitment to integrity and the highest ethical standards. The Code defines the standards of conduct that we expect from all of our employees and guides us to make the right decisions when performing our jobs. Every employee is responsible for understanding and abiding by the Code. The Code, and our culture, which is grounded in GND core values, guide all of our actions.

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