Innovation Advisory

Innovation Advisory

At GND, we designate market-leading experts to produce customised innovation advisory for our clients. Unlock your strategic innovation capabilities. Identify challenges and turn them into growth opportunities. Optimise your internal processes and focus on value creation. Create lasting impact by bringing innovative solutions to life.

Innovation (Management) Assessment

Receive a comprehensive and clear overview of your organisation‘s innovation performance and capacity. We look into and assess the key aspects of every company and evaluate their innovation behaviour based on: Innovation Strategy, Innovation Organisation and Culture, Innovation Capabilities, and Innovation Enablers. We identify the main challenges and learning opportunities to boost your innovation capacity.

Innovation Discovery

We work with our clients to convert their challenges to improved operations, increased value creation, and new business opportunities. We look both inside and outside to define a seamless and evidence-based Innovation and Growth Strategy aligned with the clients' overall strategic direction. We apply market-centred research to empathise and gain a deeper understanding of our clients' target audiences and their behaviours, attitudes and pain points. In addition, we analyse the currently applied systems and internal processes to gain a better understanding of our clients’ innovation capacity. 

Innovation Validation

We engage with our clients in a guided ideation process to reframe issues and prompt effective collaboration toward potential solutions. We help identify and select the most promising concepts to further develop them through prototypes and MVPs. We facilitate the initial tests with the target audience to collect feedback and validate the designed solutions.

Innovation Acceleration

We provide our clients with comprehensive Innovation Business Models identifying key stakeholders, values exchanged and outlining the critical assumptions for innovation’s market uptake. We continue to foster the clients’ innovation capabilities by providing access to relevant technology and acquiring new skills and other resources for continuous innovation success. We support our clients throughout the entire journey by providing innovation management and quality assurance services.

Supporting Businesses in Every Step of Innovation

We are dedicated to assisting businesses at every stage of innovation. Our mission is to support businesses in thriving by providing comprehensive services that cover all aspects of innovation, from ideation to execution. We have the expertise and experience to guide you through the process of market research, product development, or project management. Allow us to assist you in bringing your ideas to life and succeeding in the competitive world of innovation.

Industrial Development

Cutting-edge industrial design and engineering will bring the spectrum of services from the initial prototype or MVP to the final touch of the valuable product. Our approach balances the increased speed to market with the ability to deliver the right product at the right time and at the right price. We work with our clients throughout the whole product development cycle and enable them to realise innovative solutions with confidence. Our dedicated support allows companies to experience first-hand responses from their target users and grow businesses faster and easier, delivering long-term value to the market.

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Industrial Development

Industrial Management

We are a team of cross-disciplinary experts with extensive knowledge and experience in engineering, operations and finance management. We are dedicated to delivering innovative and valuable solutions across the manufacturing, energy and real estate industries and their various intersections. We help our clients to manage production technologies and processes with ease and confidence.

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Industrial Management

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an ongoing process of collecting information, performing tests, and improving your product. Like the world, businesses, and users - our needs never cease to change. Achieving excellence requires the satisfaction of a robust challenge, at the right time, properly planned and executed with the highest level of quality in the organisational processes. We ensure that the quality of projects of your entire organisation is embedded within your project team. We designate our efforts to prevent mistakes and avoid potential problems to provide confidence in the business endeavour for long-term success.

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Quality Assurance


For all inquiries please reach our Client service team or contact one of our experts directly.

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